Our CBD oil is derived from organic mature hemp stock in an FDA-approved facility in Apache Junction, Arizona and grown all naturally with with no GMO’s or harmful pesticides. All of our product is developed and packaged in Phoenix. Our product is sent to three separate labs to test for heavy metals and pesticides, ensuring that you are getting the most pure product. We update and develop our products based on customer feedback, so we are always improving our formulas and packaging.Our production and extraction facilities go above and beyond to ensure you are getting the most pure form of CBD oil and natural ingredients grown and produced to the highest quality standards. Our product has 0% THC.


All of our products are lab tested and dosages are based on the amount of active ingredient so you know exactly what you’re getting. We have implemented a consistent and conservative standard operating procedure that adheres to strict industry quality controls.

LiveWell Brands CBD uses the most technologically advanced methods available, meaning that you are getting the most pure product out there. Our products are made from scratch in small batches and never “sprayed”, or hand-infused. This means that If the label says 100 mg, it’s 100 mg, period!


All of our ingredients come from the highest quality all natural sources here in the United States. We list all of the ingredients on every label to ensure you know exactly what’s in every product.